Tuesday, April 14, 2009


One of the great things about what I do is that from time to time I have the pleasure of working with friends on their wedding. In 2000 (or there abouts) Tracy Hensler, Patrick Hollon and myself met at UCF from the professional fraternity we were all involved in, Alpha Kappa Psi. Both Tracy and Patrick pledged the semester after I became a brother. They were not involved prior to AKPSI but we all knew something was brewing. Patrick and Tracy were married in December at The Grand Bohemian. I knew they needed a coordinator to help them plan their big day. So what other trusted source would I call in for such a wonderful couple but Tracy Marini with Eventfully Yours. Thanks to Kevin Keelan for capturing such wonderful images to pick from of the wedding and those of Raul and I. I enjoy being around such positive spirits like Tracy and Kevin.
Tracy carried a beautiful, soft and elegant bouquet of hand wired white cymbidium orchid blossoms and white mini calla lilies with a collar of birds nest fern from Australia. I love using this soft and vibrant foliage for bouquet collars. The girls carried a bouquet of eggplant colored mini calla lilies called Schwarzwalder, one of my favorite flowers of all time. They are the right choice for a sophisticated and sleek bouquet.
Tracy was such a radiant bride................look how stunning she was (and still is)!
And the wonderful Hensler family. Their mom and dad are just the sweetest parents you have ever met. Missy Hensler was married earlier this year, her wedding will soon be profiled.
The challenge of the famous pole seemed to disappear for us this evening. We erected our white chiffon drapery behind the ceremony site and hit it with pink uplights with cerise pink and green orchid drops. Our 40' white carpet lead up to the ceremony site set at an angle closest to the pool; the first set up of this kind from what I have been told by those that have worked at the Grand Bo. It turned out to be a great way to set up a ceremony for this venue.
Black Magic & Cerise colored roses created a lush cake topper and cascade. The centerpiece was a collection of three varying size cube vases with the same roses arranged in them accented with Italian Ruscus. Simple was there desire (trust me I tried for more creativity)!
It's always especially rewarding to join in the celebration after a long days work. Raul and I were amongst other friends; John Newstreet, Michelle (Turner Cyr), Nathan Cyr and Missy Hensler as we all celebrated the union of Patrick and Tracy.

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