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As I mentioned below, two special weddings. The second wedding on February 21st, 2009 was for Megan Machaby. How can I not start off with this cute little bundle of joy belonging to Erin Machaby who was married November 2007 at Wild Acres in Paisley Florida by the same team that is marrying Megan. I have committed myself to blogging almost immediately after the wedding with photos I have taken. But often times a wonderful photographer is on site and I wait to receive some images from them before blogging. The images that Abby Liga and her team captured are short of inspirational. You know for a design team it is all about our work that we want to capture. But sometimes, point and case, it is about stepping back and reflecting on the family and the love that has brought us all together again. Thank you Lisa from E-vents for inviting me again to participate in such a special occasion for such a beautiful family. So I thought it would be fitting to share some of those special images with all of you.
Megan and her mom, see what I mean about those photos, Abby you are just awesome!
Megan (the bride) and her sister Erin.
Although we had planned on scroll work on the aisle with a blend of colors, the wind on the 6th floor of The Grand Bohemian won out. I think I like the lush blend and color palette of rose petlas we created instead.
9 - 10 foot dragon branches with hanging crystals surrounded by lush Australian Foliage. These would be later moved into the reception with hanging votive candles added.
Again, just another wonderful reflection of the family. Megan looks so peaceful as her mother and dad prepare to hand her off to Hunter.
I love the ceremony site, however I hate the pole which always drives me crazy.
Megan carried a bouquet of purple hydrangea in varying hues with rich merlot colored dahlias and sweet william. The girls bouquets had the same except for antique green hydrangea instead of the purple hydrangea.
This wedding was certainly a collaborative effort with the bride creating and providing certain elements and Lisa's drive to push me as always to think outside the norm. If you know and have worked with me then you know I hate it when someone refers to my team as florist. Recently after a conversation with another industry professional, this got me to reflecting on what we really do and my new slogan, "We don't just design floral, We design events!" We plan, advise, design and provide all the decor from the linens, uplighting, rented tables and chairs and of course all the floral decor. I think the below pictures and all my blogs certainly reflect on my commitment for perfection no matter how small the detail.
Purple Velvet linens from Wildflower Linens for the 5' square tables were paired with Violet Gold Crushed Satin from Over The Top Inc. on 5' round tables with black chiavari chairs at both tables. The lanterns below were all painted silver by Megan and we popped a battery operated t-light in them. Megan also provide the gold chargers.
I am so appreciative that Abby captures images we'll remember for a lifetime. We often don't get to stop and reflect on what all the efforts look like when it's all complete. I told her recently that her skill allows us to step back and reflect on the wedding story from beginning to end.
The centerpieces; a masterpiece with a short life. Two designs utilizing many of the same elements. The first design was a base of purple hydrangea supporting 3 hollow 24" tubes with purple hydrangea surround dendrobium orchids sprays with cascading eggplant mini calla lilies arranged atop. Crystals are hung from the underside of the arrangement.
The second design is a 24" barrel shaped vase filled with water and illuminated crystals. Atop the rim is a three tiered Moroccan crystal chandelier with an arrangement of purple hydrangea and dendroiums with cascading eggplant mini calla lilies. To really appreciate these masterpiece, double click on the pictures.
The cake was designed by Anna Cakes. The cake table has a funny story of sorts. I am always challenged with creating a cake able that enhances the cake and is complimentary to the rest of the decor. Another one of those Lisa things (gotta love it). So Unique Option who was providing the cocktail and after party furniture started loading in. I said I NEED one of those end tables to rise the cake. And as you can see a little Tommy Love was all that was needed by attaching cymbidium orchid blossoms to the table and presto, instant on site solution. I really wish you could see the linen that was on the cake and head table, it was stunning.

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