Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I believe it was Tuesday, April 28th while I was out of the office on business I received four calls regarding a wedding that had been moved from Mexico to the Portofino Bay Hotel. Although I had already had one wedding on May 1st, three on May 2nd and one on May 3rd, all full service with lots of details, I returned the call to see how I could assist. My expression was when? May 2nd, okay let me see what we can do. So I won't lie, I said send me the proposal for the wedding floral and let me see what we can bring to life for your wedding. So as always I put my spin on it to make the brides vision come true. Of course I didn't charge $30 for a calla lily boutonniere but am pleased to tell you everything was executed flawlessly by the talents of Allison. Thank you to my floral wholesalers for having absolutely everything I requested and working with me to secure the product so quickly. I worked until midnight to get the proposal out the door and mind you I was already working on a last minute corporate gig for Saturday as well. But I and the entire GP team are grateful for all the opportunities that present themselves no matter how small or large and regardless how much time we have to plan. Thank you Bridget Jackson of the Portofino Bay Hotel for referring the client to us, I know we made you proud. Susan Southerland of Just Marry! was called upon to get the couple down the aisle and manage all the details in between. She even blog about the experience. http://www.perfectweddingguide.com/wedding-blog/index.php/2009/05/04/wedding-goes-on-in-spite-of-swine-flu/ The photographer, James Ferra was remarkable. The below images are just a small sampling of the wonderful details that he captured for the wedding. I hope the Portofino requested some of his amazing venue images. Thank you James Ferra Photography. Three different bouquets, the brides, matron and maid of honor and bridesmaids, each playing off the next. A wonderful palette of greens, oranges, Ivory, peaches and yellows.
Candles illuminated the lush centerpiece arrangement of roses, tulips and a variety of orchid sprays and natural greenery. The tables were dressed with ivory linens and completed with gold chiavari charis.
The lush cascade of orchids, roses and tulips dressed the three tier cake provided by Portofino.
I had seen printing on candy before, but I was amazed how great the quality. The image of the bride and groom is remarkable.
The lush centerpieces with orchids, roses, cymbidium & dendrobium orchids and tulips. More complete pictures to follow.

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