Sunday, April 26, 2009


Lavender seems to be the popular color looking back on April. Although a slower month for weddings, we remain busy at Greenery Productions. A couple of weddings recently included lavender as the primary color. The first was at the Grand Bohemian with Tracy Marini of Eventfully Yours. The bride carried an all white bouquet of white mini calla lilies. The girls (sorry no image) carried a Picasso Mini Calla lily bouquet. They are white with purple throats, a very interesting flower. You can click on this link to see this wonderful flower. The altar pieces are a little shorter than I like, however as a cost savings measure, we created them so they would be moved into the reception as centerpieces. Shown here on our signature 42" palace vase with open cut calla lilies, lavender roses, hybrid white lilies, white dendrobium orchid sprays, curly willow and natural greenery. The still reached nearly six feet overall.
The short centerpiece designed in a hour glass style vase with white hydrangea, lavender roses, lavender tulips and large open cut calla lilies.
And a nice close up of the tall centerpieces.
The second wedding was at Leu Gardens with Brandee Gaar of Blush. It was such a beautiful day, a little windy but that was nice to keep the temperature in check. Paige and her mom are such wonderful people, such a nice family. Paige carried an all eggplant colored mini calla lily bouquet, one of my favorite flowers.
The female attendants carried a bouquet of white hydrangea and wonderful bi-colored lavender rose called Stranger. Click on the link for a close up. The flower girls carried a bouquet of lavender / powder blue hydrangea.
A combination of short and tall centerpieces dressed the purple bengaline covered tables. A short 8" square leaf lined vase included an arrangement of white hydrangea, Stranger Roses, lavender dendrobium orchids and loops of lily grass. The tall centerpieces were a simple arrangement of 5 - 6' curly willow branches with glass hanging votives hung from the branches with white dendrobium orchid blossoms arranged about the rim of the vase.
In the house this evening with Brandee was Brian of Tagas Event and Production Services, Root Photography, Arthur's Catering, & Party Flavors. The cake was decorated with lavender dendrobium orchid blossoms.

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