Monday, April 4, 2011

Greenery Productions on the set of Ellen at Universal Studios Orlando

Ellen comes back to Orlando and Greenery Productions is honored once again to be the floral and foliage provider for the set.  Ellen taped two shows on Sunday, April 3rd and will be airing these episodes on Tuesday and Wednesday, April 5 & 6.

We provided a variety of foliage and flowers including pink Hydrangeas, Rabbit Foot Ferns, Arecas, Canna Lilies, Arboricolas and Philodendrons to decorate the stage.  Ellen even used our foliage to hide before making her grand entrance on stage. 

We are so pleased to be a part of this event and look forward to participating again on her next taping in the Sunshine State.

 Our staff on the set of Ellen.

Luis installing the planters for the hydrangeas and ferns.

 Robbin setting the Rabbit's Food ferns and pink hydrangeas in the planters.

Robbin and Heidi with their hands full of flowers.

Matt looking over the production. 

Rashawn and Kyle on set to install the foliage.

 Ellen and her production crew.

Ellen hanging out before shooting.

The Ellen stage at Universal Studios Orlando City Walk.

Pink Hydrangeas and rabbit foot ferns were used to decorate the stage for Ellen and arrangements of Arecas, Canna Lilies, Arboricolas and Philodendrons were placed around the rest of the set.

Ellen hid behind these ferns before me
The Ellen stage completed.


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