Monday, March 14, 2011

The Knot "Cocktails and Connections" at The Mezz

Most of the time event design is a breeze for the creative team at Greenery Productions. But when The Knot came knocking (the third time in 5 years) asking us to participate in its annual regional vendor appreciation party on March 8th, Tommy Murphy knew he had to put his spin on it yet again.

Grateful to be called upon by the Knot and Tracy Marini of Eventfully Yours, he further called on the design talents of Shane Myers with Design Elements. Just returning from Event Solutions in Phoenix, Tommy was ready to WOW each guest with floral designs in honeysuckle pink; linens and accents in metallic colors and d├ęcor that was new and fresh. The space offered just the palette needed to pull of such a feet. The Mezz couldn’t have been a better fit for this task. Black & white carpet and walls, smoke mirrors and in column lighting are just a few wonderful attributes about this downtown Orlando space that can’t be matched.

Showcasing new and unique designs isn’t anything new for Tommy & Greenery Productions. Designing an event from “concept to completion” is what truly sets designer extraordinaire Tommy & his team apart from others in their field. Each floral arrangement; an individual piece of artwork was uniquely designed so as not to look like the next, all designed by the talents of Alison Jakob. Of course Tommy wasn’t certainly going to use linens that had already been done and seen. So he called on Alan from Over The Top Inc. who graciously agreed to custom design each linen selection for his VIP client’s and event.

The Knots only requirement was to have everyone’s attention during the introductions and if you know anything about industry professionals, you know we love to eat, drink and chat it up. So Tommy came up with a unique concept to reveal the food after the speeches, but without anyone noticing. The two large draped structures shown above were pulled back immediately following the speeches to introduce the guests to towering arrangements of blooming peach branches, pink Intuition roses, Ginestra and Hypericum berries... Oh and of course the wonderful culinary delights by Cuisiniers.  The floral was arranged atop large curvy glass vases so the glass chandelier appeared as part of the overall arrangements. Each set of arrangements required 6 hours of labor, one designed by Fhanor Lenis and the other by Alison Jakob. The “Black Cherry” fabric and draping from the ceiling could only be accomplished by the talents of Design Elements. Large mirrored crystal and candle panels welcomed each guest flanked by silver dusted Areca Palm arrangements. Guests found themselves comfortable seated in couches by Michael Cruz of Chic Event Furniture Rental while enjoying the conversation of other wedding industry professionals as they nibbled on decadent desserts by Bake Me a Cakeand sipped signature cocktails and drinks by Barfly Bar.

We invite you to enjoy what we are so passionate about; designing jaw dropping events! And when you’re ready to experience Greenery Productions, contact Tommy Murphy 407-363-9151 x308 or In the meantime, be sure and friend us on Facebook and visit our blog often and let our passion capture and inspire you like it does us.

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