Thursday, January 28, 2010


I really enjoyed working with this mother daughter duo. What is really ironic about this wedding is that they share many of the same characteristics as the "FALLING IN LOVE IS COLORFUL" wedding blog posted below. Same last name, mom and bride started working with me about a year out, came with a wonderful coordinator and really let me help them plan the floral and decor. I should really apologize for not posting this wedding sooner. So without further delay, please allow me to introduce you to Mr. & Mrs. Christina Hall. I had the pleasure of working with them on their June 2009 wedding. With the guidance and support of Tamuel from Remembering When and the expertise of Juan Guzman of the Rosen Plaza, this wedding is no less than short of a platinum experience. Thank you to Mrs. Abreu (MOB) and each of these individuals for helping create a wedding for the sight and senses. Christina carried an all white cascading bouquet of white mini calla lilies, white roses, hand wired cymbidium orchid blossoms and stephanotis with delicate rhinestones placed in the throat of each.
The cocktail hour was just as spectacular as the dinner reception. Food for days and it was so enjoyable. Thank you to Mrs. Abreu for inviting me and my partner to this reception. The cocktail pieces were originally adorning the church pews. Multiple shades of hot pink hydrangea and lime green mutton mums were placed in cube vases filled with water and illuminated by candle light. Ideally these would be great centerpieces or guest table accents.
Two arrangements designed in a bird bath style glass vessels were the center of the cocktail reception room. An artistic and semi-blocked arrangement of large white roses, open cut calla lilies, stargazer lilies, pink hydrangea and curly willow carried the color and style the bride desired.
The center of the reception focused on the bride and groom at the corners of this large head table. Designed so the couple had a clear view of every guest enjoying themselves and to take in the beauty of the room. Towering 42" palace vases with pink and white floral including roses, stargazer lilies, white dendrobium orchid sprays and curly willow branches were placed in two corners of this 10' square table setting. The vases were dripping with long crystal strands and the open space in the middle of this royal setting stood towers of candles and floral.
I think everyone agreed, this room never looked better in pink. A first glance and a first dance where all this room needed to create a magical evening and experience.
The guest tables carried the same theme as the head table just as a shorter version. The head table was dressed with a pink lamour underlay with a White Dahlia overlay. The guest tables carried through the pink underlay theme but with a white shimmer sheer overlay. All provided by BBJ Linens.
The escort table arrangement designed differently but with the same style in mind was later moved to the party favor table.
The dynamic duo taking time to pose for what would be one of 2009's premier wedding events. Ever wonder how that fabric gets hung? Well we now know who to blame if it comes tumbling down.
Thanks to David Basher of A Magic Moment for providing most of these images. He sent me many more so please let me know if you what like images with a different perspective.

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