Sunday, May 10, 2009


Mike Cruz's from BBJ Linens invited me to his wife's hair salon grand opening. I thought it would be fitting to go funky for the evening. I was invited as a guest speaker for WPCF recently. We created 5 semi-organic feeling centerpieces for the occasion. Often times when we are asked to participate and provide floral and decor we find ourselves repurposing floral from previous events. In this case we used items from a Sunday wedding. Just doing our part to minimize our carbon footprint while being creative. Next time, I'll get involved with the rest of the decor to ensure continuity between the centerpieces and table linens.
The oblong green element used in several of these centerpieces is called rush, horsetail or the genus name Equisetum (pronounced /ˌɛkwɨˈsiːtəm/). The variety shown in these pictures is a very thick stalk, usually it is very skinny. I actually have a garden of it in my front yard, it is wonderful linear plant specimen that multiplies. To learn more about this facscinating plant click this link
The grape vine log is actually a very old portion of grape vine plants. The below image has been sand blasted to give it a light color. Lucky bamboo, sheet moss and Thistle add some character to a interesting piece of wood.
White dendrobium orchid blossoms are clustered together to create great textures with the blue Thistle and rush.
White Phalenopsis Orchids always make for a dramatic statement. In my opionion they are often used in centerpieces with other elements that crowd out the beauty of the stunning blossoms.
During the Superbowl we were blessed to be called on by over a dozen clients to provide floral, foliage and decor. Below is just one party we were involved in for the executives of Universal Studios and NBC. A black soundstage at Universal Orlando turned into a chic night club.

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