Sunday, April 5, 2009


Why yes if you have hired the team of professionals at Greenery Productions. The one thing I admire most about Lisa wth E-vents is that she does not let me tell the client NO. I love being pushed to the edge of creativity. Now this wasn't a hard task for the entire design team at GP. We've created blooming branches before. But when you have six other just as detailed weddings in the same day; you might wonder if it is all at the end as promised. You better believe it, I would not risk any unhappy bride or our reputation. I am driven by HAPPINESS & LOVE, that is what our industry is all about. Our commitment for perfection will become evident as you enjoy the below images of a breath taken wedding caputered by Garett Nudd. Inspired by the bride and Lisa, I am pleased to introduce the wedding of Erin Jacoby & Mike Walker married at the Ritz Carlton Grandel Lakes Orlando created by Greenery Productions.
Bridal bouquet created with hydrangea, dendrobium & cymbidum orchid blossoms, ranunuculus, peonies. The femal attendants carried a bouquet of antique green hydrangea with hints of pink spots, ranunuculus, roses, dendrobium orchid blossoms and fern shoots. The bouquets wrapped "ballet" style.
Deep pink chiffon draped the front columns of the arbor that overlooks Grande Lake. The aisle was framed with rose petals in varying pink shades. The scroll work down the aisle mimiced the scroll work found on the invitations. Thank you Allison from Greenery Productions!
The escort card table is a signature Tommy Murphy design & creation. Again, one of those things Lisa pushes me to the edge on and the result is never short of the last creation. A beautifully textured base of hydrangea with upright silver branches with hand wired cymbidium orchid blossoms and hanging crystals. The table was covered with a beautiful Blush Tinsel linen and crushed glass with the escort cards position just so. The table was illuminated with silver reflex votive candles.
A combination of 5' square tables and 6' round tables were dressed with custom made floor length chocolate ribbon taffeta by Cloth Connection. A close up of the linen can be seen by clicking this link. The centerpieces, a 28" palace vase filled with blooming branches surrounded by a collar of hydrangea with the foot of the vase surrounded by cylinders of hydrangea and votive candles. The square tables were set with a 16" tapered cyrstal vase with upright curly willow branches with hand wired cymbidium orchid blossoms and cascading amaranthus. The head table overlooking the cake had two oversized arrangements combining all the elements. The high gloss dance floor covering appeared as if the couple were floating on a frozen lake. Double click the images for an upclose view of the details.

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